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September, 2018

Our new article about the comparison of copper with ruthenium photosensitizers is online. Read here.

August, 2018

Fabian Zills successfully defended his Bachelor thesis about the study of photoredoxcatalysis using Cu(I) complexes.

July, 2018

Our new publication about the characterization and photocatalytic activity of photo- and plasma-deposited nanoparticles on titania layers just appeared in Nanomaterials 2018, 8(7), 502. Read here.

June, 2018

Tatjana Basile successfully finished her Bachelor thesis working on imidazo-phenantroline complexes. Furthermore, Bernd Maier started with the design of new diimine ligands containing an additional electron storage.

April, 2018

Martin Rentschler started his master thesis working on novel chelate ligands for the stabilization of heteroleptic Cu(I) complexes.

March, 2018

Our joint project with Stefanie Tschierlei (Ulm University) has been selected for participation in the DFG Priority Program SPP2102 - Light-controlled reactivity of metal complexes. Link to SPP website.

March, 2018

The impact of the type of reactor and the catalytic conditions on the photocatalytic H2 production was published in ChemistrySelect. Read here. Please, also see the new CoverPicture.

February, 2018

Our joint study about the nature of the excited state of a heteroleptic copper photosensitizer by using time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy has been published in Chem. Eur. J. Read here.

January, 2018

Tatjana Basile started with her bachelor thesis. We wish a lot of success!

January, 2018

Sarah Maier has completed her project work about novel copper photosensitizers including anchor groups successfully.

November, 2017

Our new review in Coord. Chem. Rev. about copper photosensitizers is online. Read here.

Welcome to the homepage of the karnahl research group. We are part of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. The homepage provides an overview about our current research interests, recent publications and open positions. For further details please check the different pages and enjoy reading.

”... I believe that water will be one day employed as fuel,
... water will be the coal of the future.“

Jules Verne ("The Mysterious Island", 1874)

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solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, homogeneous catalysis, hydrogen production, CO2 reduction, ATRA and CDC reactions, copper photosensitizers, enzyme models, ligand design, organic synthesis, structure-property-relationships, catalytic intermediates, photophysics

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