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March, 2020

Here it is. Please, read our new article in the special issue of Inorganic Chemistry entitled as "Light Controlled Reactivity of Metal Complexes". Read more

March, 2020

Our new paper in Chem. Eur. J. investigating Cu(I) photosensitizers with multidentate ligands by X-ray absorption spectroscopy got accepted. Read more

March, 2020

Finally, I received my "Baden-Württemberg Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik". See here

February, 2020

Welcome back Fiona! Fiona started her Master thesis using copper based complexes for light-driven catalysis.

December, 2019

We wish a Merry Christmas and thank all cooperation partners for a productive year.

November, 2019

Our recent publication in Chemistry Eur. J. about Cu(I) phosphinooxazoline photosensitizers is online now. Read more

November, 2019

Jasmin Birnbaum joined the group for her Bachelor thesis. Welcome!

October, 2019

Florian Döttinger accomplished his Master thesis with great success and continues his work now as research assistant.

August, 2019

Nora Graf finished her Research Internship with success. She was able to prepare viologen substituted phenanthroline ligands.

July, 2019

Martin Rentschler presented the latest results of his PhD thesis at the 3rd Ligand Design Workshop in Cologne.

May, 2019

Is there photoaccumulation of a second electron in a heteroleptic Cu(I) photosensitizer? Read more in our new publication in PCCP.

May, 2019

Welcome Florian Döttinger. He just started with his master thesis dealing with Cu(I) complexes containing an electron storage moiety.

April, 2019

Sarah Maier finished her Master thesis, where she succeed to design novel phenanthroline ligands with an additional electron storage unit. Congratulation.

February, 2019

Fiona Schneider has successfully completed her research internship. She studied the photostability of some novel Cu(I) photosensitizers.

Welcome to the homepage of the karnahl research group. We are part of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart. The homepage provides an overview about our current research interests, recent publications and open positions. For further details please check the different pages and enjoy reading.

”... I believe that water will be one day employed as fuel,
... water will be the coal of the future.“

Jules Verne ("The Mysterious Island", 1874)

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solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, homogeneous catalysis, hydrogen production, CO2 reduction, ATRA and CDC reactions, copper photosensitizers, enzyme models, ligand design, organic synthesis, structure-property-relationships, catalytic intermediates, photophysics

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