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Photos of the Karnahl Research Group
karnahl research group
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Group members

Bernd Maier
Bachelor student

Martin Rentschler
PhD student

Sarah Maier
Master student

Former group members

Tatjana Basile, 2018, Bachelor student
Sarah Maier, 2018, Bachelor student
Fabian Zills, 2018, Bachelor student
Robin Giereth, 2017, Master student
Lukas Horndasch, 2017, Bachelor student
Alan Kurtz, 2016, Bachelor student
Immanuel Reim, 2016-2017, Master student
Peter Heinemann, 2015, Student Assistant
Martin Heberle, 2015-2016, Master student
Rüya Duran, 2014-2015, Student Assistant
Kerem Aylar, 2014-2015, Student Assistant

Open positions for bachelor and master theses are available.
joint group meeting Uni Stuttgart and Uni Ulm
group picture, University of Stuttgart
laboratory, University of Stuttgart
Last change: 14 Sep, 2018