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July, 2022

Yippee! Our third paper dealing with the special biipo ligand and an “Unexpected Boost in Activity of a Cu(I) Photosensitizer by Stabilizing a Transient Excited State” is now published in Inorganic Chemistry. This was only possible due to a strong joint cooperation. Many thanks to the groups of Prof. Lochbrunner (Rostock) und Prof. Niedner-Schatteburg (Kaiserslautern). Read more

July, 2022

A big welcome to Kurt Haseloff. Kurt is the newest member of our synthesis group and has just started his bachelor thesis. He will focus on the incorporation of a catechol anchor group into the backbone of different phenanthroline ligands. We wish you a lot of success.

June, 2022

Congratulations to Yingya and Florian! Here is our latest study about the comparison of two different design strategies for improved Cu(I) photosensitizers, i.e. covalent linkage vs. directly fusing of a naphthalimide unit. For further details please have look to our paper in Frontiers in Chemistry: Have a look here

June, 2022

We are pleased about our new joint PhD student. Anastasiia Riabchunova did her Master of Science in Chemistry at the Karazin Kharkiv National University in Ukraine. She joined our group to do her doctoral thesis with us. We hope that you have a good start despite the circumstances.

April, 2022

Our updated master lecture (including a seminar and exciting practical experiments) on photo(redox) catalysis and artificial photosynthesis starts. If you're as excited, sign up and drop by at the Rebenring 31.

December, 2021

There are two great new publications. 1.) Together with research groups from Rostock and Kaiserslautern we provide a full picture of the excited state dynamics of two novel Cu(I) and Ru(II) based Photosensitizers. Read more about this in Inorganic Chemistry. Read more

2.) We are honored to present a new full paper in Chem. Eur. J. about merging of a perylene moiety enables a Ru(II) photosensitizer with long-lived excited atates and the efficient production of singlet oxygen. Have a look here. This publication also includes the front cover and the cover profile. Please, see here.

October, 2021

Together with Yann Pellegrin, Axel Klein and Jérôme Fortage I am serving as guest editor for the special issue "Oxidative and Reductive Quenching of Excited States: Enlightening the Way in Photochemistry" in Frontiers in Chemistry. Contributions are welcome. Please, have a look.

July, 2021

Our new lecture series on "photo(redox) catalysis and artificial photosynthesis" came to a successful end.

July, 2021

Our new baby, an emission spectrometer (Fluoromax Plus) from Horiba Jobin Yvon has been delivered and is now ready for use up to 1500 nm.

March/April, 2021

The group moves to the Technische Universität Braunschweig. From April 1st we are part of the Department of Energy Conversion at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. We are looking forward to an interesting future with new colleagues and cooperation partners. Our new laboratories are located at the Rebenring 31, in 38106 Braunschweig.

March, 2021

There are two more publications:
1.) The master thesis of Florian about cross-coupled phenyl- and alkynyl-based phenanthrolines and their Cu(I) photosensitizers was published in Inorganic Chemistry. Good job! Read more

2.) The new paper by Robin and co-workers in ChemPhotoChem demonstrates the application of Cu(I) photosensitizers for the photocatalytic CO2 reduction. Many thanks also to Dr. Schwalbe and Prof. Tschierlei! Read more

January, 2021

Nektarios has successfully completed his research internship. His main focus was the synthesis of viologen containing ligands and their different metal complexes. Well done!

October, 2020

Our recent publication in Chem. Eur. J. about a Ru(II) photosensitizer containing a fused naphthaloylenebenzene moiety was selected for a cover picture and awarded as a "Hot paper". Many thanks to all collaborators! Read more

September, 2020

Fiona defended her master thesis with success. She was dealing with the application of copper based complexes in different types of light-driven catalysis.

June, 2020

Our joint study about the development of a unique rylene type diimine ligand and its Ru(II) photosensitizer is published in Chem. Eur. J. Read more

April, 2020

Jasmin succesfully finished her Bachelor thesis. She had a good, but challenging time with the selective substitution of phenanthroline ligands.

March, 2020

Here it is. Please, read our new article in the special issue of Inorganic Chemistry entitled as "Light Controlled Reactivity of Metal Complexes". Read more

March, 2020

Our new paper in Chem. Eur. J. investigating Cu(I) photosensitizers with multidentate ligands by X-ray absorption spectroscopy got accepted. Read more

March, 2020

Finally, I received my "Baden-Württemberg Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik". See here

February, 2020

Welcome back Fiona! Fiona started her Master thesis using copper based complexes for light-driven catalysis.

December, 2019

We wish a Merry Christmas and thank all cooperation partners for a productive year.

November, 2019

Our recent publication in Chemistry Eur. J. about Cu(I) phosphinooxazoline photosensitizers is online now. Read more

November, 2019

Jasmin Birnbaum joined the group for her Bachelor thesis. Welcome!

October, 2019

Florian Döttinger accomplished his Master thesis with great success and continues his work now as research assistant.

August, 2019

Nora Graf finished her Research Internship with success. She was able to prepare viologen substituted phenanthroline ligands.

July, 2019

Martin Rentschler presented the latest results of his PhD thesis at the 3rd Ligand Design Workshop in Cologne.

May, 2019

Is there photoaccumulation of a second electron in a heteroleptic Cu(I) photosensitizer? Read more in our new publication in PCCP.

May, 2019

Welcome Florian Döttinger. He just started with his master thesis dealing with Cu(I) complexes containing an electron storage moiety.

April, 2019

Sarah Maier finished her Master thesis, where she succeed to design novel phenanthroline ligands with an additional electron storage unit. Congratulation.

February, 2019

Fiona Schneider has successfully completed her research internship. She studied the photostability of some novel Cu(I) photosensitizers.

December, 2018

Congratulation to Martin and Marie-Ann. Our new full paper dealing with imidazo-phenanthroline ligands for Cu(I) photosensitizers appeared: Read here.

November, 2018

Our new full paper about Cu(I) photosensitizers with amazing long excited state lifetimes is now online: Read here.

October, 2018

Bernd Maier has completed his bachelor thesis and Sarah Maier came back for her master thesis.

September, 2018

Our new article about the comparison of copper with ruthenium photosensitizers is online. Read here.

August, 2018

Fabian Zills successfully defended his Bachelor thesis about the study of photoredoxcatalysis using Cu(I) complexes.

July, 2018

Our new publication about the characterization and photocatalytic activity of photo- and plasma-deposited nanoparticles on titania layers just appeared in Nanomaterials 2018, 8(7), 502. Read here.

June, 2018

Tatjana Basile successfully finished her Bachelor thesis working on imidazo-phenantroline complexes. Furthermore, Bernd Maier started with the design of new diimine ligands containing an additional electron storage.

April, 2018

Martin Rentschler started his master thesis working on novel chelate ligands for the stabilization of heteroleptic Cu(I) complexes.

March, 2018

Our joint project with Stefanie Tschierlei (Ulm University) has been selected for participation in the DFG Priority Program SPP2102 - Light-controlled reactivity of metal complexes. Link to SPP website.

March, 2018

The impact of the type of reactor and the catalytic conditions on the photocatalytic H2 production was published in ChemistrySelect. Read here. Please, also see the new CoverPicture.

February, 2018

Our joint study about the nature of the excited state of a heteroleptic copper photosensitizer by using time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy has been published in Chem. Eur. J. Read here.

January, 2018

Tatjana Basile started with her bachelor thesis. We wish a lot of success!

January, 2018

Sarah Maier has completed her project work about novel copper photosensitizers including anchor groups successfully.

November, 2017

Our new review in Coord. Chem. Rev. about copper photosensitizers is online. Read here.

October, 2017

Fabian Zills and Sarah Maier joined the group for their bachelor thesis and a research internship, respectively. Welcome!

October, 2017

Robin Giereth passed his Master thesis with great success. We wish Robin all the best for his PhD studies at the Ulm University.

October, 2017

Robin's work about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands was recently published in Chemistry - A European Journal. Read here our article.

October, 2017

Robin Giereth received a poster prize for his contribution about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands at the Solchem conference in Ulm. Great!

September, 2017

Lukas Horndasch passed his Bachelor thesis with great success. We wish Lukas all the best for his master studies at the LMU in Munich.

September, 2017

Robin Giereth received a poster prize for his contribution about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands at the ICCE conference in Erlangen. Congratulations!

September, 2017

A joint XAS and DFT study of 18 different [FeFe]H2ase model complexes was recently published in Dalton Trans. Read here.

May, 2017

Immanuel Reim successfully finished his Master thesis. Well done.

April, 2017

Lukas Horndash joined our group for his Bachelor thesis. Welcome.

March, 2017

Robin recieved a scholarship from the DBG for the 116. Bunsentagung in Kaiserslautern. Congratulation.

January, 2017

We designed a cover picture for our latest paper in Chem. Eur. J. Look here.

November, 2016

Immanuel Reim started his master thesis working on novel Cu(I)-complexes. Welcome.

November, 2016

Our joint efforts to determine catalytic intermediates in the photocatalytic H2 production with copper photosensitizers are published in RSC Advances. Read here more.

October, 2016

Our new article in Chemistry A European Journal about the behavior of Copper complexes with an extended π-system is online. Read here.

September, 2016

Robin Giereth received a scholarship by the GDCh to participate the 25. Lecture Conference on Photochemistry in Jena. There we will present our latest results with an oral presentation and a poster. Link to the conference.

July, 2016

Alan Kurtz successfully finished his Bachelor thesis. Thereby, he established in cooperation with the group of Dr. Ziegenbalg (ITC) an new continous flow reactor system for the photocatalytic production of hydrogen. Well done!

May, 2016

Our resent results were presented at the 115th Bunsentagung in Rostock by an oral talk and a poster. Furthermore, our work is illustrated as cover picture of the PCCP special issue "Basic mechanism of solar energy conversion". Have a look here.

Apr 5, 2016

Alan Kurtz started his bachelor thesis in our group. His research is dedicated to the synthesis of copper complexes and their technical investigation in the light-driven hydrogen production. Welcome.

Robin Giereth started his research internship. He is interested in the preparation and calculation of improved copper photosensitizers with mixed-valent ligands. Good Luck!

Mar 16, 2016

Our new article in PCCP about basic light-induced processes in Iridium complexes is online. Read here.

Feb 23, 2016

The new group website is now online.
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