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January, 2018

Tatjana Basile started with her bachelor thesis. We wish a lot of success!

January, 2018

Sarah Maier has completed her project work about novel copper photosensitizers including anchor groups successfully.

November, 2017

Our new review in Coord. Chem. Rev. about copper photosensitizers is online. Read here.

October, 2017

Fabian Zills and Sarah Maier joined the group for their bachelor thesis and a research internship, respectively. Welcome!

October, 2017

Robin Giereth passed his Master thesis with great success. We wish Robin all the best for his PhD studies at the Ulm University.

October, 2017

Robin's work about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands was recently published in Chemistry - A European Journal. Read here our article.

October, 2017

Robin Giereth received a poster prize for his contribution about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands at the Solchem conference in Ulm. Great!

September, 2017

Lukas Horndasch passed his Bachelor thesis with great success. We wish Lukas all the best for his master studies at the LMU in Munich.

September, 2017

Robin Giereth received a poster prize for his contribution about novel Cu(I) photosensitizers containing P^N ligands at the ICCE conference in Erlangen. Congratulations!

September, 2017

A joint XAS and DFT study of 18 different [FeFe]H2ase model complexes was recently published in Dalton Trans. Read here.

May, 2017

Immanuel Reim successfully finished his Master thesis. Well done.

April, 2017

Lukas Horndash joined our group for his Bachelor thesis. Welcome.

March, 2017

Robin recieved a scholarship from the DBG for the 116. Bunsentagung in Kaiserslautern. Congratulation.

January, 2017

We designed a cover picture for our latest paper in Chem. Eur. J. Look here.

November, 2016

Immanuel Reim started his master thesis working on novel Cu(I)-complexes. Welcome.

November, 2016

Our joint efforts to determine catalytic intermediates in the photocatalytic H2 production with copper photosensitizers are published in RSC Advances. Read here more.

October, 2016

Our new article in Chemistry A European Journal about the behavior of Copper complexes with an extended π-system is online. Read here.

September, 2016

Robin Giereth received a scholarship by the GDCh to participate the 25. Lecture Conference on Photochemistry in Jena. There we will present our latest results with an oral presentation and a poster. Link to the conference.

July, 2016

Alan Kurtz successfully finished his Bachelor thesis. Thereby, he established in cooperation with the group of Dr. Ziegenbalg (ITC) an new continous flow reactor system for the photocatalytic production of hydrogen. Well done!

May, 2016

Our resent results were presented at the 115th Bunsentagung in Rostock by an oral talk and a poster. Furthermore, our work is illustrated as cover picture of the PCCP special issue "Basic mechanism of solar energy conversion". Have a look here.

Apr 5, 2016

Alan Kurtz started his bachelor thesis in our group. His research is dedicated to the synthesis of copper complexes and their technical investigation in the light-driven hydrogen production. Welcome.

Robin Giereth started his research internship. He is interested in the preparation and calculation of improved copper photosensitizers with mixed-valent ligands. Good Luck!

Mar 16, 2016

Our new article in PCCP about basic light-induced processes in Iridium complexes is online. Read here.

Feb 23, 2016

The new group website is now online.
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